Sanford Potential? Pink Magnolia Wagon Wheel Coffee for Two Hasp Sanford

Watercolors by M.K. "Kim" Ingwaldson

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About the Art

Watercolor by M.K. Ingwaldson Poulsen

           Throughout my life, painting has enriched and enhanced the way I view the world. On my journey, I discovered that there is always a new 'door' to open and I held the "key" - the "key" of courage from within, the power to unlock the 'door' for a new challenge, opportunity, and adventure. For me "Ingwaldson Art" is another 'door'! I am ready for another expedition...

           I am drawn to natures beauty, the simple, the unique, the unusual with contrasting colors and shadows, distinctive subject matter whether it’s an old forgotten homestead with oxidized farm implements to wildlife, beautiful prairies, pastures or rocky landscapes, flowers or antiques. I have been blessed with a great gift and my creative spirit has an unending source of inspiration around every corner and I want to share my gift with you. It is my hope that you will enjoy my work as much as I enjoyed creating and painting the unique and unusual piece.

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